About MI

During the early stages of his minimally invasive aortic and mitral valve surgery experience, a Miami-based cardiac surgeon became increasingly frustrated with the inadequacies of the instrumentation available to him at the time. In order to advance his technique and further expand the applications of his minimally invasive approach, he realized the necessity of making modifications to the existing instrument offerings as well as the need for the development of procedural-specific devices.

Coincidentally, the president of a Miami-based biomedical engineering powerhouse sought out the surgeon to perform his own open heart procedure. Ironically, due to the instrumentation-inhibited applications, the engineer was not a candidate for the minimally invasive approach.

After making a full recovery from his own procedure, the engineer insisted upon devoting his unique talents and resources to help the surgeon. Shortly thereafter, they decided to join forces in order to expand both procedure and application by means of taking the surgeon’s concepts and turning them into reality.

As destiny would have it, the surgeon-engineer union was formally organized in 2007 as:


Our Mission

Miami Instruments is committed to the development of surgical instrumentation
for the purpose of enhancing patient safety, procedural efficacy, and surgeon
reproducibility in the field of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS).

Miami Instruments is further committed to the manufacturing and marketing aspects of this specialized instrumentation in order to facilitate the universal acceptance, adoption, and maximization of the potential for performing MICS procedures.

Our Vision

Advance the Procedure

Minimize the Incision

Maximize the Potential